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Whether or not you already know from your own experience what self realisation actually is, the solution is closer than you think. We never learned and therefore aren’t used to live from two perspectives at the same time, so it just takes some practise and training. Therefore it is absolutely normal if  you sometimes feel confused, especially when you are ready for spiritual insights or have been given these already.


Often spiritual teachers do provide the insights, but ongoing individual coaching with the process of integration is too much asked, simply because in a public situation with many people this is not really possible. So that is why I offer individual coaching, to help you getting these insights yourself, or if necesary deepening them, and most of all to help you integrating them. This last thing means you will make it a habit to experience and approach each and every situation in your every day life from both the personal and the Absolute as your perspective. And act from it! Spirituality is not having and owning some ‘special insight’, but living from such insights. Such an attitude towards life is based on your love of Truth, and that is what you want.


What I can offer in the first place is feedback on a regular basis on what you are doing, for cultivating a new life attitude requires a longer period of intently made choices in situations related. At some point the positive results of these choices get very clear, then things will find their way all by themselves. However, until that moment a little support and some feedback will often be of enormous value, because old habits die so hard.

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