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Overlooking things

Everyone who knows his true being, knows also how easily we overlook it anyway. This is just the result of our habit to live from the I am me – perspective. This habit got deeply engrained because we didn’t know anything else for many years. So engraining our new realisation of being the true Self is in principle quite easy because the inner peace, which is always the immediate result, works as a strong encouragement. However, in practise our habit to relate to anything in life from the I–perspecive works as a big hindrance, because it has been engrained so deeply, and because the influence of the people around us who know only the I-perspective, keeps pulling us into it again.


The latter shows clearly the importance to have someone around who encourages and inspires you to live from this other perspective. We all need support.

Unconditional Peace

But when you do live from that other perspective, your True Being, you will find that uncontitional peace is always accessible in every aspect of your life. And living from that is the greates gift you can give yourself and others.

And what’s more, if you approach downright unpleasant situations from this perspective, sometimes certain doors open that would have remained closed otherwise.