Today there are many people who are familiar with the experience of their own true being. However, there are but few who have fully integrated this discovery. Having integrated this knowledge and experience means the realisation shows and resounds automatically in each aspect of your life. It is like with gravity. You know the direction of gravity is always straigt downwards. This is a deeply rooted realisation, so you don’t have to think of it all the time. However, if it so happens that you do need to think of it for some reason, then it comes to mind effortlessly and immediately. This means the knowledge and experience has been integrated.


Few people actually reach this depth of integration of their realisation of their true being. Hardly anyone has ever achieved this all on his own. Even the great saints of our history generally had help from other more experienced people, sometimes even for many years. This is where I come in the picture, for I can help people with the process of integration. From my own understanding of and experience with this process I can intuit what you need to hear in your current situation, so then you will see how you can use that situation as a means for such integration, and do it.

Very often we don’t need to hear something new, but rather we simply need to think of the one little right thing at the right time. So, if it doesn’t come to mind by itself, then it is a great support if someone else can help us see or remember. This way our mind gets trained as well, and you will see that after a while the right thoughts will come to mind by themselves.


One issue that always comes back over and over again, is remembering the larger perspective, the Absolute. We all have the deeply engrained habit of perceiving our situation from out I-perspective, from ‘I am me’. That is absolutely normal and totally fine. However, it does mean we will have to break a tough habit and change it into the permanent realisation this I-perspective is actually just an option, because the Absolute is as a perspective always available too. In practise it means our subconscious will have to get convinced of this, because our subconscious is the computer that largely determines our point of focus.


In short, our subconscious mind is like a simple computer filled with strategies and convictions, and it provides us continuously with strategies, which are chosen based on the convictions held and as how pleasant the present moment is being regarded. So, the subconscious is a big bunch of strategies that kinda frenetically try to hold on control or improve the present experience, while experiencing it from the ‘I am this person’ perspective, because that is the best it has. And so, in order to get a bit wiser, it will have to directly notice very clearly and very often that the strategy ‘applying no strategy whatsoever’, combined with ‘identify with the Absolute’ will always and instantly bring an experience of inner peace, of being at peace with the acual experience, so not having the experience of peace instead of it. Always! So then these become two strategies that over time get higher and higher on the priorities’ list. This is, in short, how the proces of integration takes place.


When you notice, for instance during a conversation with me, you regain your Bigger perspective again, and how liberating thas is, then that is a clear message to your subconscious. Then you nurture the conviction “I am the Absolute” and also the strategy “experience this moment from the perspective of being the Absolute, without trying to own, hold on, fix, or change anything of it.” And then, gradually, this new ‘strategy-less’ strategy will get higher and higher on the priority list. That is most needed, because no matter how big truths these are, and no matter how well you understand that, as long as your subconscious hasn’t been convinced of them, there is just no way it will work.

That is the whole point! That is precisely the difference between just understanding how things are, and having truly integrated this understanding. So, once your subconscious notices more and more often how things are, it will help you, and you will will over time find this perspective back more and more easily. Thus you will automatically engrain this new habit, and so, in the end, you will have this perspective available at all times, given to you permanently by your subconscious mind. Just like the realisation of gravity.