Getting Started

Up to you

In which way you wish to make use of my services, is all up to you. However, I recommend to make a series of appointments for a number of talks, because integration of self realisation clearly is a matter that requires us to keep returning our focus, a commitment. After all, it isn’t only about understanding how things work but how to apply such understanding in the right way, and making that a habit. Fof this feedback on a regular basis can be invaluable. Still, I don’t demand anything more that serious interest in the subject, so a one time talk is fine too.


Service to you and dedication to truth are absolutely primary for me. However, this does not mean I do not value my coaching, or that I am indifferent. I wish to be accessible for everyone, so I only ask a fee for private sessions. Public satsangs and emailed answers are basically for free, although many people feel like making a donation, like €10,= or so, which is received gratefully.

For a private session I ask €60,=

Donations can also be made using paypal. 

I wanted to do this work on donations only, but I had to stop doing so, for often people asked if they “could think about” what they would offer me, and then I never got to hear or see anything any more. Honestly, I feel this shows a lack of respect for what I do and its value. Virtually all my spiritual teachers once started offering their services for free, but all of them have started asking fees sooner or later. Apparently our western culture is rooted so deelpy in ‘buying’ that ‘giving’ as a gesture of appreciation and respect makes us uncomfortable. Alright, then we do it like this.

Always useful

One thing to be aware of too is that in actual practise it often showed that a talk can be useful also when you think you don’t have so much to discuss. After all it is largely about remembering and a change in our thinking habits, so a reminder, so simply focussing together on the subject, and thus being in contact with someone who supports you in your endeavour, can already do a lot of good.