Self Realization

Self Realization, Enlightenment, spiritual growth, they all are terms for essentially the same thing: leaving behind a deep chronic unhappiness that seems ever eluding no matter what we do.

Our heart recognises what is both true and relevant in any given situation, and something inside tells us it must possible to respond freely and spontaneously from that recognition, but we often feel impeded to live that way.

Psychological solutions can make a difference, but rarely immediately, and sooner or later the feeling of an obstructed heart always comes back.

And that is alright, for that is how it is supposed to be. In this dualistic world happiness can exist merely by the grace of unhappiness, and this duality itself is an encouragement to look deeper. That is spirituality.

If we do so seriously we will always find one and the same answer eventually, no matter which way we choose to go, namely that we are what we were looking for. However, we need to experience and *See* for ourselves directly what this means, and then we should integrate in every day life what we have gotten to *See*.

Adwaita-Vedanta – “Satsang” – is a very direct way regarding this insight. With the help of someone experienced you can directly *See* for yourself without any need for practice or exercises what it is all about. And then you will discover that you are, and always have been, the Unconditional Peace you had always been looking for.

This all sounds very mysteriously, I know, but it isn’t. Not at all! And I’d love to demonstrate it to you.